make online payments with School cash online: field trips, sports events, activity fees

Pulaski County Public Schools is pleased to announce that it will be accepting online payments for all school fees in 2021-2022, including everything from field trips to spirit wear. This service is being offered to parents through SchoolCash Online, which is the industry leader in the management of school fees. SchoolCash Online helps parents and community members pay school-related fees safely and from the convenience of your phone or laptop using VISA, MasterCard, or eCheck. Also, by using SchoolCash Online, payments are made directly into the school’s bank account which allows teachers to focus on helping students, and not counting cash.

All school-related fees for students will be made available for purchase online in the SchoolCash Online system. Once registered, parents will receive notification about upcoming school activities and be able to pay and keep track of school fees for their students.

Pulaski County parents should go ahead and register their students now to begin receiving notification of events and school items. Register at