We want to inform parents of the cost for Chromebook Repairs for Intentional Damage.  We want parents to be aware of the cost in advance from now on since this is becoming a more frequent issue.   

Intentional Damage is a violation of the Technology Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the Chromebook Use Policy.  The Chromebook Policy 6.4 Unacceptable Use states it is a violation to Vandalize a PCPS’ computer system, including, but not limited to, modifying or rearranging keyboards, individual key caps, any other peripheral equipment, or destroying data by creating or spreading viruses and/or by any other means or Violate any School Board policy or procedure or the Code of Student Conduct while using PCPS’ computer system.

The policy also states:

Chromebook Policy 3.2

3.2 Devices Undergoing Repair: Loaner devices will only be issued for use in school until all costs of replacement have been paid should there be any cost associated with repairs. 

Approximate Repair Costs are as follows:

Keyboard $25.00

Screen Repair $105.00

Replacement of Chromebook $300+