School Nutrition Program News

Thank you to all of our participants in National School Lunch Week and a special thanks to all of those who helped support our student prizes!

 Here’s a recap of the fun we had last week at Pulaski County Public Schools.

Critzer Elementary:

Josie Jones, Promise Crawford (not pictured), Josiah Nuckols, Ashley Proffit & Braxton Lawson Grand prize winner: Promise Crawford (not pictured) –(Ms. Bausch’s homeroom)

Dublin Elementary:

Daily winners: Hadassah Burrell, Colton Smith, Norah Lambert, Terrance Johnson & Kellin Burton Grand prize winner: Terrance Johnson (Mrs. Hall’s homeroom)

Riverlawn Elementary:

Richard Harless, Landon Beverly, Hunter Wolfe, Andre Dickerson (not pictured), Kayleigh Cook Grand Prize winner: Andre Dickerson (Mrs. Midkiff’s homeroom)

Snowville Elementary: 

Serenity Ousley, Damien Underwood, Brooklyn Saddler, Madison Ford & Chevelle Dalton

Grand prize winner: Serenity Ousley (Ms. Parsell’s homeroom)

Pulaski County Middle School:

Brandon Rose, Alexis Quesenberry, Jacob Bane, Haylea Hackney (not pictured)

Grand prize winner: Haylea Hackney (Ms. McGuire’s homeroom)

Pulaski County High School:

Selena Caceres, Gabriel Marker, Lillian Sargent, Jordan English & Jesston Walker

Grand prize winner: Selena Caceres (Ms. Taylor’s homeroom)