School Nutruition

Pulaski County Public Schools will be hosting non-congregate meal distribution for families during the month of July this summer.  In order to accommodate this distribution, responses/sign-ups are needed at the survey link below:

This survey will take approximately 2 minutes to complete and is now open for responses.  

This survey will close on Sunday, April 7, 2024.

General Information for Meal Distribution:

Parents/guardians will be able to pick up meals at no cost for their school-aged children at the site of choice.  Meals will be distributed for multiple days at once during each distribution.

Dates of the six planned distributions will be:

July 11th, Thursday

July 15th, Monday

July 18th, Thursday

July 22nd, Monday

July 25th, Thursday

July 29th, Monday

Families must be signed up to pick up meals to allow for adequate meals to be prepared.  Verification of eligibility will be made by student address provided at all pickup locations.  

Families can be added or removed from rosters at their request (please allow adequate time for stock to be obtained for addition to the roster) by contacting the School Nutrition Office

Any changes to meal distribution will be announced via various media outlets and calls from Pulaski County Public Schools.

**Families who wish to provide this information via telephone may call the School Nutrition Office at (540) 994-2523 or (540) 994-2529, during normal business hours, instead of completing the survey at the link provided.